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Careers in arts and humanities involve information and printing services. They include visual, performing and written expression. It is the creative and entertainment branch of learning and careers, and includes art, music, drama, language and social studies. Artists draw, paint, sculpt, create, photograph, and design in all kinds of mediums. Performers act, dance, sing, speak, demonstrate, and play musical instruments on stage, in movies, in videos, on TV and in many other places. Writers write books, plays, stories, and poetry. They research, write, and edit newspaper and magazine articles and columns. Surrounding these artists, performers, and writers are various support personnel helping to get the job done. They assist, sell, research, direct, display, process, repair, create, analyze, engineer, and guide the activities of these creative people.

                                                     CAREER MAJORS (Pathway)


Career Technical Concentrations

   Communications Technology