Government And Public Administration Cluster

Based on The National Career Clusters® Framework comprised of

16 Simulated Workplace Career Clusters

Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps


JROTC - WVDE Partnership:

JROTC is a Federal program sponsored by the U.S. Armed Forces in high schools nationwide.  Its purpose is to instill in cadets the values of citizenship, service to their country, living drug-free and personal responsibility.  The program helps students develop self-reliance, oral and written communication, leadership, team-building and an appreciation for physical fitness.


For more information about West Virginia’s JROTC Programs:

Army JROTC -

Air Force JROTC -

Marines JRTOC -

Navy JROTC -


All WVDE approved JRTOC programs of study are designated as Career Technical Education programs and must complete the following CTE requirements in addition to their Federal program requirements:

 1.      Random Drug Testing

 2.      Simulated Workplace

 3.      Student Portfolio

 4.      Technical Skills Assessment


WVDE – JROTC Program of Study Outline:

Government & Public Administration Career Cluster™ (GO)


WV CTE Program of Study:

Program Required Courses:

Student Certification(s):


1065 JROTC I                        

1066 JROTC II                      

1080 JROTC III                     

1081 JROTC IV    

DoDI 1205.13 - A student presenting evidence of successful completion of at least 2 academic years of the JROTC program under any Military Department is entitled to advanced promotion to the grade of no less than E-2 on initial enlistment in an Active or Reserve component of a Military Service. At their discretion, the Military Departments may award the grade of E-3 for successful completion of 3 academic years of the JROTC program.

Program Elective Courses:

1062 JROTC V


1064 JROTC - Internship

0520 Work-Based Integration and Transition


  1. JROTC cadets who successfully pass JROTC I and JROTC II courses will fulfill the 1 credit Physical Education graduation requirement.
  2. Successful program of study completers will demonstrate their technical skills attainment through the CTE portfolio and state-approved technical assessment processes.
  3.  EVERY student must pass ALL safety exams with a score of 100% before having access to available equipment.
  4. JROTC I (WVEIS course 1065), II (WVEIS course 1066), III (WVEIS course 1080), and IV (WVEIS course 1081) will fulfill 1 credit from an additional social studies course or an AP® social studies course (see Policy 2510 Chart IV).  Students must pass all four JROTC courses to fulfill the 1 social studies credit requirement.  This will not fulfill the requirement for World Studies, a U.S. Studies course, or Civics.



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