Career Technical Education
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Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Cluster

Based on The National Career Clusters® Framework comprised of

16 Career Clusters®

2015-2016 Program Area Documents

2015-2016 Secondary Programs of Study

2015-2016 CIEL Certificate

Career-Integrated Experiential Learning Certificate

Restricted to approved juvenile centers

2015-2016 Secondary Content Skill Sets

2015-2016 Skill Sets For Recommended Electives


2014-2015 Program Area Documents

Secondary Programs of Study

2014-2015 concentrations and courses to prepare students with skills needed for a career choice or interest.

Secondary Content Skill Sets

This document provides the content skill sets for each concentration.

Skill Sets for Recommended Electives

Concentration and Course Descriptions Manual

This document provides descriptions based on the 2014-2015 Programs of Study.