Career Technical Education plays a critical role in a state's economy. West Virginia is fortunate to have a secondary career technical system that is currently producing high skilled students who will be the face of West Virginia's highly trained workforce.

Research proves that career technical engages and motivates students by offering them real world learning opportunities. Students who enroll in career technical programs are far less likely to drop out of school and upon graduation have a greater earning potential than their peers who are not enrolled in technical education programs.

In the last two decades, career technical education has evolved from "voc" education to high tech programs that promote increased academic rigor. The problem that continues to haunt the secondary career technical programs is the perception that career technical education is a set of less-demanding classes taken by students who are not interested in or able to go to college. This is far from the truth. New career technical programs being offered in West Virginia's career technical schools include Project Lead the Way — pre-engineering curriculum with emphasis on science, math, and technology, Cisco Networking — high level computer interfacing for business, Gaming — technology graphic design, and many more.

Investing in Career Technical Education is investing in West Virginia's economical future.


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Dr. Kathy D'Antoni, Chief Officer Career Technical Education, Division of Career Technical Education

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