Human Services

The Human Services cluster is composed of three program areas. The three areas are Education and Training, Human Service, and Hospitality and Tourism. Education and Training includes the planning, managing and provision of education and related learning support services. The Human Services coursework prepares students for employment in career pathways that relate to families and human needs. Hospitality and Tourism encompasses the management and operations of restaurants, lodging, and tourism and travel services.

The Education and Training offers the Careers in Education concentration. This is an innovative approach designed to attract talented students to the teaching profession. The program seeks to provide high school students insight into the nature of teaching, the problems of schooling and the critical issues affecting the quality of education in America's schools.

Students involved in the Careers in Education concentration can join the Future Educators Association (FEA). This student organization fosters the development of future educators through innovative programs. The organization has a vision of attracting an array of dynamic and diverse students. Students have the opportunity to meet on the state and national level.

The Human Services area focuses on careers related to assisting and empowering individuals, families, groups and communities to meet their needs and live more satisfying and productive lives. Career pathways include: personal care; family and consumer sciences; social and community services; and law, public safety, corrections and security. Workers in the field of Human Services must have effective communication, time management and technical skills as well as a desire to help people, an ability to solve problems and deal with crises and a sense of legal and ethical responsibility.

Students who are enrolled or who have been enrolled in a Family and Consumer Sciences program may become a member of the Family, Careers and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) student organization. FCCLA promotes personal growth and leadership by focusing on character development, creative and critical thinking, interpersonal communication, practical knowledge and career preparation.

Hospitality and Tourism encompasses the management, marketing and operations of restaurants, lodging, attractions, tourism and travel related services. There are three program areas.

The ProStart program introduces students to a wide variety of careers within the restaurant, foodservice and hospitality industry. Studentís study and practice professional food preparation, international cuisines, food safety and sanitation, customer service relations, cost control, and marketing. Students may also earn an industry certification through the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation and college credit. Students are given the opportunity to participate in both the WV HEAT student competition for scholarships and Skills USA leadership development.

The Lodging Management Program introduces students to careers within the lodging industry. Students study and experience multiple aspects of the lodging industry including the rooms division, general department and facilities management, marketing and sales, and food and beverage services. The American Hotel and Lodging Educational Institute designed the programís curriculum and the Certified Rooms Division Specialist (CRDS) credential. Students are given the opportunity to participate in both the WV HEAT student competition for scholarships and FCCLA or DECA leadership development.

The Travel and Tourism Management concentration provides an overview of careers within the rapidly growing hospitality industry including travel and tourism, and event management. Students will discover the characteristics of the hospitality industry, the relationship between hospitality and tourism, the economics and promotion of tourism, and an overview of the lodging and restaurant industries. Students are given the opportunity to participate in both the WV HEAT student competition for scholarships and FCCLA or DECA leadership development.