Engineering and Technical

Content Skill Sets

ET1600 HVAC Technician

ET1620 Automotive Technology

ET1625 Transportation Technology

ET1628 Automotive Machining

ET 1630 Robotics

ET1640 CISCO Networking Academies

ET1670 Collision Repair Technology

ET1680 Computer Systems Repair Technology

ET1720 Drafting

ET1730 Manufacturing Technology

ET1740 Diesel Equipment Technology

ET1760 Electrical Technician

ET1780 Electronics Technician

ET1790 Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)

ET1800 Building Maintenance and Operations

ET 1810 Hydraulic and Pneumatic Troubleshooting

ET1820 Carpentry

ET1870 Industrial Equipment Maintenance

ET1880 Industrial Technology

ET 1895 Industrial Electrical Control Systems

ET1900 Machine Tool Technology

ET1910 Masonry

ET1920 Materials Distribution

ET1960 Power Equipment Systems

ET1980 Welding

ET2030 Computer Integrated Manufacturing

ET2110 Metals Technology

ET2120 Millwork and Cabinetmaking

ET2140 Plumbing

ET2180 Mining Extraction

ET2460 Pre-Engineering - Project Lead the Way

Adult Content Skill Sets

ET2060 Electro Mechanical Technology

ET2100 Interior Design

ET2170 Truck Driver Training

ET2130 Heavy Equipment Operations and Preventive Maintenance

ET2165 Cabling Technology

Skill Sets for Recommended Electives

1601 Basic Control Circuits

1602 Air Conditioning Applications

1603 Domestic Refrigeration

1604 Fossil Fuel Heating Systems

1605 Fundamentals of Air Conditioning Refrigeration

1606 Air Properties and Distribution

1607 Heating Systems

1608 Commercial Air Conditioning

1609 Ductwork Fabrication

1621 Alternative Fuels

1625 Brake Systems

1627 Electrical Electronic Systems

1629 Engine Performance

1631 Fundamentals of Automotive Technology

1633 Heating and Air Conditioning

1635 Manual and Automatic Drive Train Axles

1637 Suspension and Steering Diagnosis and Repair

1661 Blueprint Reading

1672 Detailing and Interior Parts

1673 Mechanical and Electrical Components

1674 Refinishing Techniques

1676 Custom Finishing Processes

1692 Computer Hardware

1693 Computer Operating Systems

1695 Server Essentials

1696 Secure Network Essentials

1697 Wireless Network Essentials

1698 Linux Essentials

1699 Networking Internship

1704 Special Topics in Software

1705 Fundamentals of Computer Systems

1706 Imaging for the Web

1707 Systems Software

1709 Technical Computer Applications

1711 Web Development and Support

1713 Programming Concepts

1715 Multimedia Applications

1718 Introduction to CAD

1722 Piping Systems Drafting

1723 Civil Drafting

1724 Electrical and Electronics Drafting

1726 Structural Steel Drafting

1727 Drafting Techniques

1728 Computer Aided Drafting

1729 Fundamentals of Drafting

1742 Diesel Electrical Systems

1743 Diesel Engine Tune-Up and Troubleshooting

1745 Diesel Preventive Maintenance and Inspection

1749 Truck Chassis Concepts

1761 Basic Electronics

1762 Blueprint Reading for Electricians

1763 Fundamentals of Electricity

1765 Industrial and Commercial Wiring

1766 Integrated Electrical Lab

1767 National Electrical Code

1769 Residential Wiring

1771 Rotating Devices and Control Circuitry

1773 Special Applications in Electronics

1783 Basic AC Circuits

1787 Circuits and Electron Physics

1795 Wiring and Soldering

1801 Basic Masonry and Landscaping

1803 Basic Plumbing and Electricity

1805 Fundamentals of Facilities Maintenance

1820 Applications in Commercial Construction

1821 Concrete Finishing

1822 Blueprint Reading for Construction

1823 Finishing Carpentry

1824 Framing Practices and Applications

1825 Foundations and Framing

1826 Exterior Finish Carpentry

1827 Fundamentals of Building Construction

1828 Building Construction Applications

1829 Masonry and Plumbing

1893 Gateway To Technology Automation And Robotics

1894 Gateway To Technology Design And Modeling

1895 Gateway To Technology Energy And The Environment

1896 Gateway To Technology Flight And Space

1897 Gateway To Technology Green Architecture

1898 Gateway To Technology Magic Of Electrons

1899 Gateway To Technology Science Of Technology

1900 Gateway To Technology Medical Detectives

1901 Engine Machining

1902 Applications in Machine Tool Technology

1903 Fundamentals of Machine Tool Technology

1904 Integrated Machine Processes

1905 Fundamentals of Machining Processes

1906 Machine Processes and Applications

1908 CNC Machining

1909 Metal Trades Processes and Applications

1911 Block and Rock Laying

1912 Masonry Procedures

1913 Bricklaying

1914 Bricklaying Applications

1916 Decorative Masonry Work

1917 Foundations and Footings

1919 Fundamentals of Masonry

1970 Power Equipment Systems Applications

1972 Recreational Applications

1973 Compact Diesels

1974 Generators

1981 Arc Welding

1982 Ornamental Metal Work

1983 Blueprint Reading and Metallurgy

1985 Fundamentals of Welding Technology

1987 Gas Metal Arc Welding

1989 Gas Tungsten Arc Welding

1993 Shielded Metal Arc Welding

1995 Thermal Cutting and Welding

2035 CIM V Fundamentals Of Welding

2036 CIM VI Engineering Design And Development

2037 CIM VII Advanced CAD

2122 Introduction To Millwork and Cabinetmaking

2123 Machine Operations

2124 Cabinet Construction

2125 Finishing Applications

2142 Construction Safety

2143 Fundamentals of the Plumbing Trade

2144 Basic Plumbing

2145 Soldering and Flaring Copper Tubing

2146 Gas Piping

2147 Cast Iron Piping

2148 Drains Waste and Vent Systems

2149 Plumbing Fixtures

2170 Truck Driving

2401 Exploring Technology Education Middle School Elective

2421 Communications Systems

2424 Construction Systems

2436 Foundations in Engineering

2442 Manufacturing Systems

2445 Mechanical Services Systems

2448 Transportation Systems

2451 Fundamentals of Millwork and Cabinetmaking

2462 Digital Electronics

2464 Engineering Design and Development

2465 Computer Integrated Manufacturing

2466 Civil Engineering and Architecture

2467 Biotechnical Engineering

2468 Aerospace Engineering