Business and Marketing

Content Skill Sets

BM0420 Marketing Management

BM0510 Career and Work Skills Training (CWST)

BM1410 Accounting

BM1430 Business Finance

BM1440 Microsoft Computer Applications Specialist (MCAS)

BM1445 Simulation and Game Development

BM1450 Information Management

BM1465 Administrative Support

BM1479 General Management

BM1480 Certified Internet Webmaster (CIW)

BM1495 Entrepreneurship

BM1500 High School of Business

BM1930 Oracle

Skill Sets for Recommended Electives

0400 Introduction to Management
0401 Advertising
0404 Economics of Business
0410 Global Business and Marketing
0422 Marketing Principles
0428 Marketing Work Experience Internship
0431 Professional Sales
0451 Communications for the Global Economy
1401 Accounting Principles I

1409 Business Communications
1411 Business Computer Applications I
1413 Business Computer Applications II
1419 Business Math
1421 Business Recordkeeping
1423 Computerized Presentations
1425 Cooperative Office Education
1427 Database Management
1429 Desktop Publishing
1431 Digital Imaging Multimedia I
1432 Digital Imaging Multimedia II
1433 Word Processing
1439 Business and Marketing Essentials
1441 Keyboarding
1443 Medical Office Management
1445 Management and Entrepreneurship

1453 Spreadsheet Management
1455 Web Page Publishing

1470 Introduction to Finance
1471 Financial Analysis for Managers

1513 Computerized Medical Office Software

Adult Content Skill Sets

BM1440 Microsoft Computer Applications Adult

BM1481 Accounting Adult

BM1482 Administrative and Business Support Adult

BM1483 Legal Office Adult

BM1485 Medical Office Adult

Skill Sets for Recommended Adult Electives

1403 Adult Accounting Principles II

1409 Adult Business Communications

1411 Adult Business Computer Applications I

1413 Adult Business Computer Applications II

1417 Adult Business Law

1429 Adult Desktop Publishing

1431 Adult Digital Imaging Multimedia I

1432 Adult Ditigal Imaging Multimedia II

1449 Adult Office Management

1455 Adult Web Page Publishing

1512 Adult Workplace Practicum

1520 Adult Medical Transcription

1523 Adult Medical Office Coding