WorkKeys® Assessments

What is WorkKeys®

WorkKeys is a job skills assessment system measuring “real world” skills that employers believe are critical to job success. These skills are valuable to any occupation you are considering and at any level of education. When you use WorkKeys to show you are ready for work, you have an advantage with employers who accept or require job applicants to have WorkKeys scores. A growing number of states nationwide also are adopting WorkKeys to ensure that all their workers have needed skills.

The West Virginia Career Readiness Certificate ensures that an individual has certain foundational skills that are important across a range of occupations. The WV CRC offers individuals, employers and educators an easily understood, conveniently attained and universally valued credential that will contribute to the state’s workforce and economic development objectives.

Recipients are awarded certificates of Platinum, Gold, Silver, or Bronze depending on their skill levels in Applied Mathematics, Reading for Information and Locating Information. The certificate can complement diplomas, degrees, and resumes, and it gives job seekers an advantage in the interview process.


2014-2015 Calendar of Testing Activities - WorkKeys


Fall Activities
Spring Activities

WorkKeys Assessment

Fall testing window

Sept  22 - Nov 30, 2014

1st Time Testers ONLY

Dec 1 - Dec 31, 2014 Re-Testers ONLY



Spring testing window

Jan 15 - Mar 15, 2015

1st Time Testers ONLY

Mar 16 - Apr 15, 2015

Re-Testers ONLY

These dates must be followed - NO EXCEPTIONS


WorkKeys Training Dates at WVU-Parkersburg (Driving Directions)

Paper/Pencil - September 8th and 11th from 9am to 1 pm  

Internet Testing - September 9th and 15th from 9 am to 3 pm

These are the only WorkKeys training dates there will be no training in the spring

What to report to Michele Wilson at WVU-P?

The testing office needs the following:

  1. If the facility is doing computer based or paper/pencil WorkKeys testing or both.
  2. If the site is doing Paper/pencil testing- paperwork needs to be filled out and sent back to Michele at WVU-P.
  3. If the site is doing computer based testing - who is testing at the site and who is the WorkKeys test administrator.

Michele does not need to know the numbers of completers



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